Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is the only truly natural non toxic product which is extremely versatile and not only healthy but good for our wellbeing too.  Made by bees, its production actively improves biodiversity and our natural environment.

We only use surplus beeswax

Bees produce beeswax to form the honeycomb structure in their hives which contain honey. The bees pollinate the plants as they collect pollen and nectar which increases local biodiversity. Production is continuous and it is only the surplus honey and wax that beekeepers take from the hives, making this a most eco-friendly and ethical process.

How natural is beeswax?

The wax and honey are made by bees and extracted and used in their raw form. They do not require intensive agricultural methods to produce, or chemical processes to change their properties and therefore the most natural, and non-toxic material.

Why do we source beeswax locally?

We buy raw honey and beeswax directly from local beekeepers. This supports bee populations in Cornwall and we know that the bees are looked after properly and have a wide source of food. This enhances the ecology in Cornwall. We know this is a sustainable resource for us to use.

How sustainable is beeswax?

Bees have existed on our planet for 150 million years, the Babylonians, and Assyrians used honey in their rituals and Cleopatra famously used it as a beauty product. Honey is not only delicious but it is sustainable and nutritionally very good to eat. It can be used to heal wounds, soothes skin and with its hypoallergenic qualities acts as an antibacterial agent too.