Why is beeswax the ultimate wax?

  • Non-processed, completely natural product.
  • Does not emit toxins or smoke when burned.
  • Supports local beekeepers to maintain hives to increase pollination and improve the ecology of the local environment.
  • Beeswax production does not have any harmful effect on our environment nor does it use up valuable natural resources.

Why is paraffin wax harmful?

  • When burned paraffin wax emits highly toxic emissions which may be carcinogenic such as benzene and toluene.
  • A by product of the petroleum industry paraffin has to be highly processed and bleached before it can be used for candle making.
  • Source of indoor air pollution.
  • Highly processed product which is harmful to the environment.

Why is soy wax harmful?

  • Soy production has a value as a food product but can be overcultivated causing environmental degradation.
  • Commercially produced soy wax relies heavily on GMO crops and heavy usage of pesticides, harmful to health and ecology.
  • A highly processed product which must go through many stages of production including chemical bleaching and deodorisation.
  • There are hidden petrochemical components in soy wax and some soy candles have paraffin wax added to them to improve burning.

Why are scented candles harmful?

  • The chemical content of scents and dyes added to candles can emit toxic fumes when burned.
  • Some scented candle wicks also contain heavy metals in the core.
  • If you wish to fragrance your room a safer way to do it is to diffuse essential oils or use essential oils, use essential oils in an oil burner or melt beeswax wax melts to release the fragrance.